Big Tech in Trouble Over Censorship After Wuhan Lab Turn of Events

Big Tech in Trouble Over Censorship After Wuhan Lab Turn of Events

( – The Wall Street Journal published an article earlier this week discussing a previously undisclosed report from US intelligence services. The report confirmed three researchers from a Wuhan, China, laboratory checked into a hospital after exhibiting symptoms “consistent” with COVID-19 in 2019. The new information bolsters Dr. Anthony Fauci’s May 11 admission that he wasn’t convinced the COVID-19 virus developed naturally.

Those revelations sparked considerable debate regarding the validity of censorship policies employed by big tech companies like Facebook and Twitter. Social media platforms have previously treated the theory that COVID-19 originated in a Wuhan lab as “misinformation” and took what they considered appropriate action against individuals posting about that theory.

Social media platforms routinely censored former President Donald Trump and other conservative voices for posting their concerns about the pandemic’s origins and the possibility it originated in a Wuhan laboratory.

Politifact recently pulled an article claiming it “debunked” the theory COVID originated in a lab. Perhaps it’s time for big tech to admit their error and reinstate the numerous accounts suspended for voicing the same concerns.

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