Bill Barr Calls Trump’s Election Fraud Claims “Bull****”

Bill Barr Calls Trump's Election Fraud Claims

( – The mainstream media lit up this weekend in the wake of the release of excerpts from the latest so-called exposé about the final days of the Trump administration. Written by ABC News chief Washington correspondent Jonathan D. Karl, “Betrayal” is scheduled for release on November 16.

Karl published an article on June 27 discussing what he called William Barr’s “breakup” with former President Donald Trump. The interviews covered a wide range of topics, including Barr’s explosive December 1 claim that the DOJ hadn’t uncovered any election fraud “on a scale” that would have impacted the result of the 2020 presidential election.

According to Karl, Barr told him he expected Trump to lose the election and wasn’t surprised by its eventual outcome. Barr said he knew the former president would eventually confront him about allegations of election fraud, so he went ahead and gave federal prosecutors the authority to initiate investigations into any “credible” allegation of widespread fraud.

However, according to Barr, he initiated his own unofficial inquiry into the election and suspected all along that “there was nothing there,” the claim of substantial election fraud “was all bulls***.”

Curiously, Karl’s article makes no mention of whether or not Barr denied the existence of any election fraud. It only discussed Barr’s claim “substantial” fraud didn’t occur, begging the question: what exactly constitutes fraud on a level warranting concern?

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