Bill Cosby Facing ANOTHER Lawsuit From Model

( – Once a household name as the face of Jell-O pudding and the father on the country’s most popular comedy in the 80s, actor Bill Cosby just got hit with another lawsuit. He was previously convicted and has now been released, but it looks like his legal troubles aren’t over yet.

Former Playboy model Victoria Valentino, now 52, claims that in 1969 Cosby drugged and raped her. She is able to bring a civil suit against the actor because of a recent California law that lifted the statute of limitations on historical claims of rape. Valentino has mentioned the incident in the past. 

The California law enabling the suit is called the Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up Accountability Act. It went into effect at the beginning of 2023.

A spokesman for Bill Cosby told Fox News he does not approve of the new law. He spoke dismissively of Valentino, describing her as having “skirted from town to town” with her accusations, which Andrew Wyatt said are without proof or facts. Wyatt chastised the media for not evaluating the veracity of Valentino’s claims. 

But Wyatt’s most significant issue is with the law itself, which he called “look-back windows” that violate people’s Constitutional rights. He said the Constitution recognizes the concept of a statute of limitations, laws that give claimants only a certain amount of time before they can no longer make a criminal or civil complaint about alleged past incidents. 

He said laws like California’s happen because legislators are responding to online “clickbait” and “likes” culture because it serves their political interests. 

Valentino has said before that when she went public with her claims against Cosby, she felt “empowered.” In 2020, she told Fox News that “it was absolutely liberating” and that “it certainly helped me heal.”

In 2018 Cosby was sentenced to prison after being convicted of drugging and raping a woman who worked at Temple University. But the Pennsylvania Supreme Court vacated his conviction in 2021 on a technicality, and Cosby was released. 

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