Bill Gates Changes Talking Points on Vaccinations

Bill Gates Changes Talking Points on Vaccinations

( – COVID-19 hit America hard, leaving scientists in a scramble to develop some sort of defense against the virus. In the beginning, some renowned people made the United States and the world believe that vaccines would be a safe haven against COVID. Like all of the others, Bill Gates has done a 180 and is contradicting his past comments.

Gates has been an advocate of the vaccine since the onset of the new virus and continues to support its use. However, a year after Pfizer/BioNTech developed the first vaccine, many Americans have received their shots and follow-up booster, yet the country still struggles with the virus.

In the beginning, Gates and others such as Dr. Fauci and President Biden all assured Americans that the vaccine would allow them to get back to living normal lives. That has yet to happen. Time proved the vaccine couldn’t stop people from getting the virus or spreading it.

Like everyone else who essentially told everyone the vaccine was the Holy Grail, Gates has increasingly contradicted himself as time goes on and the world learns more about COVID-19. In all fairness, no one expected the number of variants floating around. Gates explained that the virus can still spread through vaccinated people, pointing out that immunization reduces the risk of transmission but doesn’t eliminate it.

Gates also explained that the vaccine doesn’t completely protect you from the virus like he once insisted. Instead, it only reduces your chances of contracting COVID-19.

Perhaps this is a case of opinions changing as new information arises. Maybe Gates and others truly did believe the vaccine would end COVID-19. Science does typically fluctuate over time until researchers find reliable answers. But if so, why not just admit that they were wrong rather than acting like they never said the vaccine would eradicate the pandemic?

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