Black Congressional Republican Takes Aim at Democrats

( – Democrats are using America’s past racial problems as a cover to force through hard-left, progressive policies, according to Tim Scott, Republican Senator for South Carolina.

Scott is the only black Republican in the US Senate.

He says the Democratic party wants to stoke racial divisions to “create a wedge” between the races that will “bring more power and more resources to [Democrats’] progressive agenda.”

Senator Scott does not fit the narrative told by Democrats when discussing racial inequality and what the left calls “systemic racism.” Scott was raised in poverty by a single mother, but instead of using that to call for more government benefits, he uses his own past to argue for the utility of “the American dream.”

Scott has described his family’s changing fortunes as going from “cotton to Congress.”

At a speech he gave to the Polk County (outside Des Moines, Iowa) GOP fundraising dinner on February 22nd, Scott told the audience that too many politicians are using grievances to push their agenda when they should be thinking about “greatness.”

In an earlier speech that day, Scott delivered remarks that will likely sting pro-government-assistance Democrats who favor a paternalistic caretaking approach to racial minorities. He said that he was that poor black child that Democrats claim they want to protect. But instead, the left’s “soft on crime policies are killing us,” he said.

Political observers see Scott as a rising Republican star who looks likely to run for President as a Republican in 2024.

Scott’s Iowa trip was the first stop on his “Faith in America” tour, described as a “listening tour,” a euphemism media use instead of “campaign tour.” Earlier on Wednesday, Scott met with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, as well as clergy, students, and parents at St. Anthony Catholic School in Des Moines.

Those political observers may be right about Scott’s future plans. He took out digital ads before visiting Iowa, paid for by his Senate re-election campaign.

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