Black Farmer Assn. President Slams Biden Admin

( – As bills in several states and the federal government seek to limit or ban Chinese state actors from buying US farmland, the president of the National Black Farmers Association says the Biden administration is talking out of both sides of its mouth.

NBFA President John Boyd told Fox and Friends that the president is making “empty promises” to American farmers while giving money to China and Russia.

Calling the administration’s actions a “slap in the face,” Boyd said American farmers are losing their land and their rights. Last year, he said, 10,000 American farms went under, but the Biden administration has done nothing about it.

Meanwhile, Boyd said, the federal government is giving out money to China and Russia “hand over fist”. He asked why the country could not help its own farmers and citizens, and said the Biden White House has “failed American farmers.”

Boyd urged Americans to understand that, as he believes, the image of American farming and its security portrayed by the Biden administration is false. He said farmers are facing the highest costs in American history to do their job, and that something is “terribly wrong” when America is giving financial help to adversarial countries instead of to its own citizens.

Republican Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) recently released a report that alleges that the White House has sent $1.3 billion to organizations in China and Russia. According to the report, this included $1.6 million to Chinese agricultural companies, and it came from the Department of Agriculture’s National School Lunch program.

Ernst’s report also found that millions of American dollars have been doled out to entities such as a Chinese company that makes military software, a Russian insurance company, and Chinese agricultural companies.

Black farmer association president Boyd said the Biden White House giving away money that ought to go to American farmers is “washing away American history” and its historical support for domestic farmers.

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