Blinken Criticizes Beijing as Indo-Pacific Strategy Unfolds

Blinken Criticizes Beijing as Indo-Pacific Strategy Unfolds

( – Tensions between the United States and China have been on the rise over many factors. While the Biden administration has seemingly been weak on China, it appears things may change. Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently explained President Biden’s Indo-Pacific strategy and didn’t hold back.

China and the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have falsely claimed territorial rights over a vast portion of the South China Sea, restricting other countries’ ability to navigate the waters. Secretary Blinken asserted the United States is determined to preserve the freedom of navigation through the region, noting Beijing’s aggression and the amount of commerce passing through every year; $3 trillion in trade could be at stake.

Despite a 2016 ruling from the international community that China doesn’t have rights over the disputed area, China continues to butt heads with Taiwan, Brunei, the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam. The CCP has taken aggressive action to assert its position and claim the territory as its own, ignoring the 2016 ruling. One example is China sending its Coast Guard to deny other countries access to the South China Sea.

Blinken openly criticized China for more than just its actions in the sea. The Secretary of State also attacked the CCP for subsidizing its state-run companies to distort open markets, illegally fishing, revoking deals with countries with which it has disputes. Blinken asserted the US and other countries would continue to push back on China’s actions, noting several countries want the CCP to change its behavior.

Blinken mentioned the US strategy of improving relations with its allies, including ones in the South China Sea region such as Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia and Thailand. Blinken’s comments and the United States’ strategy could cause US-China relations to become even tenser, possibly resulting in military action by the CCP.

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