BLM Demands Obedience in Confrontation with White Diners

( – Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters — of all colors — went on a rampage of terror and intimidation in Washington DC. In a disturbing video, a white woman who refused to raise her fist in the race-based Black Power symbol is shown cowering in fear, pinned back against the wall, and trapped there by dozens, perhaps hundreds of angry masked people.

Somewhere along the line, these Liberals seem to have forgotten two salient facts when it comes to their First Amendment rights to protest. One, they are free to protest against the government and two, they have to be peaceful.

Rioting, looting, and arson are most certainly not peaceful nor is accosting a woman who was just trying to get a bite to eat and put her in fear of her safety. But the Socialist/Communist politicians keep up their movements of defunding the police and stripping them of the tools they need to stop these packs of hyenas with minimal injury and loss of life. It truly is a sad day in the United States when groups of homegrown terrorists are allowed to run roughshod over law-abiding citizens.

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