Board Enacts “No Bag” Policy after Parent Activist Goes Wild

( – South Carolina father David Cook told his son’s local school officials they were cowards during a June 27th Beaufort County School Board meeting. Cook compared the group to military leaders that did nothing to stop Marxist dictator Salvador Allende from rising to power in Chile during the 1970s.

The angry father explained his family’s connection to the events, then reached into a backpack and pulled out four packages of chicken feed.

“Chicken. Too Afraid,” Cook said as he tossed the sealed bags onstage. After the incident, the board instituted a “no bag” policy at meetings.

The father’s actions came at the tail-end of a speech in which he slammed the board for failing to take action that would see books with extreme and explicit content removed from school library shelves. During the diatribe, he spoke of how his mother-in-law had witnessed ordinary citizens in 1970s Chile toss chicken feed on the doorsteps of actionless military officers to demonstrate their cowardice in the face of Allende.

Cook said his activism began in 2019 when his underage son “had a naked adult woman” appear without prompting on one of his school-issued electronic devices. This led Cook to instantly become “more engaged” with the South Carolina education system.

He eventually filed a FOIA request in 2021 with his child’s school district under the umbrella search term “transgender” and says he was shocked to discover between 60 and 70 available library titles. Further research led Cook and other parents to discover more controversial titles, many of which contained adult content.

Cook’s efforts with other worried parents in Beaufort County led the school board to implement a book review process that garnered the attention of “60 Minutes.” The father referred to the outlet’s coverage as “an embarrassment.”

Almost 100 books were initially pulled from library shelves for review. Of the 61 so far reviewed, all but four have been returned to school library shelves.

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