Boo Hoo: Bankman-Fried Not “Accommodated” in Prison

Boo Hoo: Bankman-Fried Not

( – According to his lawyers, the Correctional staff at the NY jail housing shamed cryptocurrency titan Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) refuse to accommodate his veganism. His attorneys made the complaints during an August 22nd hearing in a Manhattan courtroom and went on to claim that the FTX founder was being forced to subsist on bread and water.

They also said the Metro Detention Center has failed to provide the disgraced tech mogul with Adderall, which they say the 31-year-old needs to manage his ADHD. His counsel further argued that SBF’s case involves millions of pages of documents and that the two days per week he is currently permitted to review them is not enough.

SBF attorney Mark Cohen told the federal judge that the restrictions imposed on his client are “outrageous” and that they need “to be remedied.” Cohen said that Bankman-Fried’s medication restriction prevents him from focusing.

Judge Sarah Netburn is reported to have told SBF’s counsel that their complaints would be considered. She indicated that at the very least, vegetarian dietary options should be available at the facility.

After being arrested in December of 2022, Bankman-Fried spent ten days in a Bahamian jail. He claimed a lack of vegan food choices forced him to eat only bread, water, and peanut butter. Despite the claim, a photographer was able to capture photographs of his 71-year-old mother carrying grocery bags into the prison.

Once he was extradited to the United States, SBF was granted bail on a $250 million bond and confined to house arrest. A judge found that the mogul attempted to influence witnesses in his case and revoked his bail. He returned to jail on August 11th, where he awaits the start of his trial in October.

The FTX founder faces multiple counts of conspiracy and fraud. Prosecutors say he made $100 million in illegal campaign contributions. Many reports say the overwhelming majority of those donations went to Democrats.

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