Bret Baier Says Democrats No Longer Considering Biden Blowout…

Bret Baier Says Democrats No Longer Considering Biden Blowout...

( – With hours left until the November 3 elections, Democrats appear to be unraveling quickly. A recent Iowa poll shows President Donald Trump up by seven points over Democratic rival Joe Biden. Additionally, Trump campaign advisor Jason Miller predicted a Trump wave in the Sunbelt states during a November 1 interview.

It’s no small wonder Fox News chief political anchor Brett Baier told Tucker Carlson Democrats have abandoned any talk of a Biden “blowout” as the campaign landscape “has changed” as the presidential campaign nears the finish line.

As Baier explained, the battle for the presidency is quickly narrowing as the candidates make their final pitches to voters in battleground states. Baier added the president has outperformed his 2016 campaign, and there’s every indication the 2020 election won’t turn out any differently.

One thing’s a certainty — President Trump’s confidence couldn’t be any higher with him boasting about his polling numbers looking “VERY GOOD” and predicting the “Radical Left is going down!” over the weekend.

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