Building HIT BY PLANE In Russia – Death Toll Confirmed!

13 Reported Dead After Jet Crashes Into Building in Russia

13 Reported Dead After Jet Crashes Into Building in Russia

( – The Russian Su-34 fighter jet is a twin-seat aircraft used to strike enemy targets in the air and on the ground, day and night, under “any weather conditions.” Although the jet is one of the more advanced planes at Russia’s disposal, it has a history of problems, with multiple crashes on record just this year.

On October 17, video of a Su-34 crash surfaced on social media, showing the jet hitting a residential building and starting a fire that killed at least 13 people, including three children. The accident happened in Yeysk, Russia, just south of the port city of Mariupol, Ukraine. Both pilots ejected before impact.

The Russian Defence Ministry said the jet had just taken off from the Yuzhny airbase when an engine fire started, causing the crash. Footage of the incident seems to verify the aircraft was traveling away from the airbase, and satellite footage showed multiple Su-34 jets on the same military base.

An impromptu interview with one of the surviving pilots confirmed there was no enemy fire shooting the craft out of the air. US Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) security expert J Andrés Gannon said the video indicates an engine malfunction. Another expert, Paul Beaver, conjectured a missile might have hit the plane.

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