CA Students Stranded in Afghanistan

CA Students Stranded in Afghanistan

( – The final troop withdrawal and evacuation of US citizens and Afghan allies from Afghanistan has been anything but a smooth operation. On August 26, the world watched in horror as ISIS-K suicide bombers successfully launched multiple attacks near Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport, killing more than a dozen US troops and injuring dozens of others. Meanwhile, an unknown number of American citizens remain trapped in the war-torn nation.

Biden administration officials like White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki have attempted to downplay the situation, claiming there aren’t any Americans stranded in Afghanistan. However, a quick review of the facts shows otherwise.

California School Children and Parents Trapped in Afghanistan

On Tuesday, August 24, the Los Angeles Times reported that at least 24 students and 16 parents from El Cajon, California, are trapped in Afghanistan. The group became stranded after they traveled to the region over the summer break to visit relatives.

The students and parents reached out to community liaisons working for the Cajon Valley Union School District Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Office to secure their successful evacuation from the war-torn nation.

Cajon Valley Union Superintendent David Miyashiro and FACE Director Mike Serban confirmed that the children ranged from preschoolers to high school students. Serban told The San Diego Union-Tribune that the children had extended family living in Afghanistan they wanted to visit over the summer. “Nobody knew the extent” of what would later happen, he related. Continuing, he said before returning to the United States, they went to see their family one last time. “What wouldn’t you do… [to] say hello or goodbye one more time?” he asked.

What Now?

Working with family members, Serban has begun compiling a comprehensive list of the trapped school children and parents. In addition, he and Miyashiro have been working with Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and his staff members to coordinate everyone’s safe return.

Miyashiro said the families had secured special US military service visas, and Pentagon officials and US troops on the ground in Afghanistan consider them allies. He also confirmed the school district, with Issa’s assistance, was able to help government officials locate the children and their parents.

Serban and Miyashiro both expressed optimism regarding their safe return. A spokesperson for Rep. Issa’s office said they wouldn’t stop working on the children’s safe return “until we have answers AND action.” [emphasis added]

School officials have reserved places for the children within the district’s 28 schools scattered throughout eastern San Diego Country. School started last week.

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