California Foretells Doom of Green New Deal

( – During the week of August 21, California residents and businesses have experienced rolling blackouts. Part of the problem, according to Republicans, is there isn’t enough energy to handle the electric demand by customers during the current heatwave. In a foretelling of what could happen if the Green New Deal were fully implemented, the California Public Utilities Commission informed California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) of the root of the problem.

The commission said the lack of energy was due to two offline natural gas plants, a lack of wind powering windmills, and a sharp drop-off in solar production during non-daylight hours.

The issue of renewable energy has become highly political in California, especially as the state tries to develop the technology and transition its electric power grid to all renewable energy forms. Former Gov. Gray Davis (D-CA) said blackouts were not acceptable. He stressed power outages could reduce people’s trust in the state’s government, and encouraged leaders to keep the reliability of the grid in mind. He also stressed that if the state can’t handle the load being 100% green, it needs to work with what it had to prevent the blackouts.

On Thursday, August 20, President Trump said that California was experiencing the rolling blackouts due to impossible mandated restrictions on energy production by radical Democrats.

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