California Governor Candidate Gets Attacked

California Governor Candidate Gets Attacked

( – In the modern era, we seldom see anyone physically attacking politicians. Or, at least, it’s not headline news. California Governor Gavin Newsom faces a recall election on September 14, and it appears his followers don’t like one of his opponents.

Larry Elder, a Republican talk show host and candidate in the recall election, was the target of what LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva called a hate crime. Elder was walking through the Venice neighborhood in Los Angeles when a White woman in a gorilla mask attempted to hit him with an egg.

The mainstream media usually comments on racist acts for days, but they’ve been silent. Black Lives Matter and other protest groups don’t seem to care much either. Where are the calls for politicians to denounce racism and the attack on Elder and his security detail? The candidate claimed people shot at them with pellet guns, also.

A White woman attacked Elder, who is a Black man. Normally, that would be enough for the media to go crazy. Instead, possibly because he’s a Republican, nothing has been said about the incident. Sheriff Villanueva tweeted the woman likely believes she has “woke privilege,” which the sheriff explained is when a White person can attack a Black person without the fear of being called a racist. He asked what people might think if the roles were reversed, and it was a white Republican throwing an egg at a black Democrat. He suggested we would hear about it for a month.

Should social justice be one-sided? California voters have until Tuesday, September 14, to decide.

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