Californians Are Afraid for Blacks To Be Armed

Californians Are Afraid for Blacks To Be Armed

Blue State Gun Club Makes Alarming Call To Gun Owners

( – California isn’t the most gun-friendly state in the US. In fact, it has some of the harshest gun laws in America. According to one Californian, there’s only one thing Democrats in the state fear more than guns: black gun owners.

The opinion came from one of the subjects interviewed for a column in the Los Angeles Times. Nathan Jones, the leader of the Black Gun Owners Association (BGOA), told columnist Erika Smith of the LA Times the recent pro-Second Amendment ruling from the Supreme Court came at the perfect time, claiming black Americans are feeling the need to carry a gun for self-defense. Jones recalled having a dream in which mobs were “dragging people through the streets,” adding that was when he realized people couldn’t rely on anyone else to save them but themselves.

The BGOA leader mentioned going to the gun range with fellow members and noticing the looks on people’s faces, explaining there wasn’t any direct racism but saying people telegraphed their thoughts. He admitted that it seemed as though they didn’t like the idea of black people arming themselves. Jones hasn’t let others’ opinions get to him; instead, he used it to motivate himself and his group to be better and more careful not to make mistakes when handling firearms.

Of course, people will think what they want. The US Constitution grants every American citizen the right to arm and defend themselves, regardless of gender, race, religion, creed, or sexual preference. Jones is affirming his right as an American and promoting responsible gun ownership. Shouldn’t that be the ideal?

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