Canada Issues Travel Advisory to Citizens Traveling to the U.S.

( – In the latest instance of leftist low-hanging fruit, Canada has issued a travel warning for its citizens. You needn’t cancel your plane ticket to Yemen, but if you have a connecting flight in the United States, it might be wise to take precautions.

According to an August 29th advisory from Global Affairs Canada, “2SLGBTQI+ persons” may be putting themselves at risk during trips to the U.S. “Some states” have passed legislation “that may affect” Canadians who identify as anything other than straight, the release warns.

The advisory failed to specify what states it was referring to, but places like Georgia and Tennessee have passed bans on the genital mutilation of minors. Other locations have engaged in similar legislation that would require parental consent for such procedures.

In lockstep with the Trudeau government, the BBC ran a companion piece that said “anti-LGBT protests” in 2022 took place at 30 times the rate they did in 2017. Attempts “to restrict” the rights of LGBT individuals are increasing, the report said. It went on to acknowledge that travel advisories are generally issued for places where violence is likely, such as Africa and the Middle East.

A Global Affairs spokesperson said that as of 2023, “certain states” have banned or attempted to ban drag performances, made attempts at “restricting” access to “gender-affirming” healthcare, and tried to prevent “transgender” individuals from participating in “sporting events.”

In the release, Global Affairs told Canadians that they should “carefully consider” if they are “comfortable” traveling to a U.S.-based location that has different “social customs” than those found in Canada. If citizens choose to risk traveling to those destinations, their trips should be used as an opportunity to speak out against any discriminatory legislation they encounter, the government suggests.

The largest LGBTQ advocacy group in the world issued its own statement in June that said the LGBTQ community in America is faced with a “state of emergency.”

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