Car Slams Into Biden’s Motorcade

( – A Delaware man is under arrest for DUI after crashing his sedan into President Joe Biden’s motorcade. James Cooper of Wilmington was charged and has been released on bail. Police and the Secret Service do not believe the crash was intentional. President Biden and his wife Jill Biden were on their way back to their Wilmington home following a campaign dinner.

The motorcade was stopped and had blocked off traffic between the intersections when the incident occurred. President Biden had just stepped onto the street to get into his car when the sedan crashed into a motorcade sport utility vehicle at the intersection. Shortly after the crash, the Secret Service detail quickly ushered Biden into the car where the first lady was already seated, and they were rushed from the scene. Neither of the Bidens were injured.

Footage at the scene shows Secret Service members swarming the vehicle, guns drawn while talking to the driver. Police believe impairment to be a contributing factor but video at the scene shows the roadway wet with rain. Much of the East Coast was hit with heavy rain that day, resulting in flooding and power outages throughout Delaware to as far north as Vermont.

There were reporters and cameras on the scene because the incident occurred just outside of President Biden’s 2024 campaign headquarters. Just before the collision, Biden was being asked by a reporter about why he was down in the polls. He responded, “They’re the wrong polls.”

Just moments before, Jill Biden stepped out of the headquarters, and briefly waved to reporters and onlookers, wishing them happy holidays.

The Wilmington Police are still investigating the cause of the crash. This incident marks the second time the Biden motorcade has been involved in a crash near his hometown. In 2020, before Biden was sworn in, his motorcade accidentally crashed into another vehicle on the road, injuring a 77-year-old woman and a Delaware state trooper.

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