Chicago News Crew Robbed at Gunpoint While Reporting on Robberies

( – It can now be said that the man who briefly brought hope to residents of the windy city has given them nothing but Lightfoot 2.0.

Crime in Chicago is so bad under Mayor Brandon Johnson that news crews are being brazenly robbed while covering local events. By the end of August, two crews had been hit by thieves mid-broadcast.

In the latest instance from August 28th, a team with Univision that was reporting on armed robberies in the city was approached by three masked men and kept at gunpoint. The crime appeared to be somewhat premeditated because the criminals arrived on the scene in two separate vehicles. The news crew was stripped of their cash and their camera equipment was also taken.

On August 5th, a network photographer with the local ABC affiliate was on the job when he was assaulted and then robbed. Chicago authorities have not announced suspects or arrests in either case, but the national union that represents photographers and reporters said they will be hosting an area safety meeting for all their members.

In May, another bold instance involving a firearm and reporters unfolded live in front of cameras. Though it did not result in an assault or theft, local reporter Joanie Lum was filming a segment on gun violence when a man approached her crew and pointed a handgun at the camera. After doing so, the man walked away without further escalation.

The Chicago PD recently reported that twelve USPS carriers were robbed in the month of April. A mail-delivery truck was also stolen. In that same 30-day period, three armored trucks were hit and robbed only hours apart in what appeared to be a coordinated effort.

In Chicago’s post-Lightfoot era, Mayor Johnson has seen vehicle theft increase by 104 percent. Rather than tackling the social causes behind the issue, he has chosen to sue car manufacturers for making their vehicles too easy to break into.

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