Children Wounded in Deadly Drive-By Shooting

( – Unlike any number of prior instances in which children were randomly struck by stray bullets that were meant for someone else, recent developments from Cincinnati appear to suggest otherwise. According to officials in the city, a group of kids were intentionally targeted with a continuous spray of gunfire on November 5th.

In what is being reported as the drive-by variety of shooting, six people were hit, five of whom were children. A boy of only 11 years was killed as a result. The other victims included a woman who was 53 years of age, a girl who was 15 years of age, and three boys between the ages of 12 and 15.

The now-deceased 11-year-old has been identified as Dominic Davis. Davis’ father and family members attended a city-initiated press conference the day after his shooting, during which they urged their son’s alleged killer to turn themselves over to Cincinnati police.

Terri Theetge, the area’s police chief, explained to reporters shortly after the drive-by that a sedan had pulled up alongside the group of victims prior to the incident. After doing so, an occupant of the vehicle opened fire “in quick succession,” according to the chief. Theetge said that at least 22 rounds were sprayed into the gathering of children.

The shooting reportedly took place in Cincinnati’s West End at around 9:30 p.m. As of November 7th, one of the victims remains hospitalized and is said to be in stable condition. Aftab Pureval, the city’s mayor, said the apparent intentional targeting of children was both “sickening and unimaginable.”

“Twenty-two rounds in a moment – into a crowd of kids,” Pureval said. He noted that unannounced shootings gave the victims little “time to respond [or] to react.”

Local reports appeared to suggest that the area of the crime was not known for being prone to violence. One outlet described the location as a “vibrant neighborhood.”

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