China Calls Out Israel’s Response to Hamas Attacks, Says They Have Gone Too Far

( – China is the latest among a chorus of nations who have chosen to condemn the Israeli government for laying siege to the Gaza Strip. During an October 15th phone call, the Chinese Foreign Minister was reported to have told his Saudi Arabian counterpart that the Jewish State’s “actions” have extended beyond self-defense.

Minister Yi reportedly said that Israel should heed calls from “the international community” and halt its ongoing “punishment” of civilians in Gaza. Following Hamas’ slaughter of around 1,400 Israeli civilians during a multiple-hour incursion in Southwestern Israel, Israeli Defense Forces began surrounding the Gaza Strip.

In the days that followed, air assets began pummeling the Palestinian enclave’s most populous self-titled city, killing what was reported to be hundreds of civilians in the process. Not even hospitals were spared from the onslaught. The bombardment enraged a host of nations, especially those with Muslim-majority populations.

That outrage was only amplified when Israel announced not long after beginning its troop buildup that it would be completely cutting the territory off from outside deliveries of basic supplies like fuel, water, and food. In the ensuing days, the majority of the Strip lost electricity and by default, internet access.

The Chinese Foreign Minister’s words followed a crisscrossing of the Middle East by U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. America’s top international envoy met with officials in seven of the region’s countries in what is being reported as a dual effort meant to both drum up support for the Israeli annihilation of Hamas and prevent a wider regional escalation of the conflict.

If President Joe Biden’s October 18th visit to Israel is an indication, Blinken’s efforts appear to have been a failure. The American head-of-state was originally scheduled to meet with Arab leaders in Amman after his stop in Tel Aviv, but Biden’s counterparts pulled out of the summit in protest after it was reported that Israel had allegedly bombed a civilian-filled Gaza hospital on the night of October 17th.

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