China Finds Workaround for 5G Chip Embargo

( – The Chinese Communist Party appears to have had the final laugh in an international microchip war. Although the United States did not necessarily fail in its attempts to place an embargo on certain 5G chip technology reaching the communist state, it did fail to prevent the Chinese nation from achieving an industrious workaround for those restrictions.

Huawei has successfully produced a 5G-capable smartphone fueled by a novel stand-alone chip that was manufactured exclusively using technology that was thought to be less than savory by most Western powers. This feat was achieved despite the Biden administration imposing a sweeping set of sanctions on China in October of 2022 that barred the export of certain chips and production equipment to the country.

The Kirin 9000S microchip powering the company’s Mate 60 Pro phone was produced in large part by a CCP-owned semiconductor manufacturer. While it is not the nation’s first 5G smartphone production, it is the country’s first phone that will feature a chip rendered entirely from components developed within China’s borders.

Previous 5G-capable smartphones were created using microchip stockpiles that were acquired internationally before the Biden administration sanctions were imposed. While broader sanctions were not officially introduced until 2022, lesser restrictions on the U.S. export of related tech had been in place since 2019.

China’s ability to dodge restrictions first and outright sanctions next is being interpreted as an international embarrassment for the United States. An analyst for TechSights, a company that monitors semiconductor development, referred to the developments as “a slap in the face” of America.

One outlet called China’s latest unveiling an incredible “feat” of “innovation” in the international tech industry. Medium is referring to Huawei’s newfound ability as “groundbreaking” in that their chip-manufacturing process was once thought to be “impossible” due to their lack of access to “restricted” American tech.

Another outlet said Huawei’s achievement proves the U.S. trade war with China has failed “without a doubt.”

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