China Holds Military Drills Near Taiwan

China Holds Military Drills Near Taiwan

( – It’s no secret that China and Taiwan don’t get along. The leaders in Beijing see the island republic as one of their territories instead of an independent nation. With all Taiwan’s talk of independence, China decided a show of force was just the intimidation tactic needed to keep the rebellious territory in line.

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) was founded in 1949, prompting the country’s former government to flee to the island nation of Taiwan, where it established the Republic of China (ROC), Taiwan’s official name. The CCP claims Taiwan is a breakaway territory and implemented a “One China” policy.

Former President Donald Trump recognized China’s policy but continued the long-standing practice of supplying arms and other support to Taiwan while he avoided establishing formal diplomatic ties.

America has a new president now, and China warned the US last month it was “playing with fire” should it alter its approach to Taiwan. China also staged a series of military drills near Taiwan to bolster its warning in an apparent show of power. Its military simulated beach landings and other exercises to demonstrate its ability to achieve and maintain military control over the island.

Li Haidong, an international relations professor at Beijing’s China Foreign Affairs University, told the Global Times he believed the US would abandon Taiwan should it formally claim independence. As he explained, the Biden administration’s abandonment of its commitments to the Afghan people serves as a preview of coming events saying “The US’s fleeing action is a warning” to those seeking independence.

Another concern is China’s plan to rise as the world’s dominant political and military power by 2049, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the PRC.

America needs a strong leader to protect the nation’s interests abroad. Is it really too much to ask for Biden to step up and do his job before it’s too late?

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