China Makes Threats Over Pelosi Visiting Taiwan

China Makes Threats Over Pelosi Visiting Taiwan

Did China Just Threaten Pelosi’s Life?

( – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was supposed to travel to Taiwan before she contracted COVID-19 and postponed the trip. As reports of the Speaker planning a new trip to Taiwan and several other countries in the region emerged, China issued a stark warning, saying it would take “forceful” measures if the lawmaker visited the island nation it claims as its own.

The Democrat reportedly planned to make a trip to Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, and the US Indo-Pacific command headquarters in Hawaii. Pelosi had originally hoped to go in April before becoming ill with COVID-19. Even then, China had threatened that her visit to its coveted island nation would damage the relationship between Beijing and Washington.

Reuters reported the Foreign Ministry of Taiwan wasn’t aware of any visit. Drew Hamill, Pelosi’s chief of staff, claimed he couldn’t reveal any details regarding her travel plans due to “longstanding security protocols.”

China claims the Speaker visiting Taiwan would be a mistake but doesn’t seem to see threatening “forceful” action as equally harmful. Could the Chinese government be threatening the Speaker’s life? What exactly did they mean when they issued the threat? Will the Democrat still proceed with her trip?

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