Chinese Foreign Minister Disappears from Public Eye

( – The Foreign Minister for the CCP appears to be missing. Qin Gang has not shown his face publicly since June 25th and has missed a number of international engagements, including a regional summit and meetings with American officials.

China’s Foreign Ministry declined to comment on Gang’s disappearance when asked about it on July 17th. Previously, the department said through a spokesperson that his absence at a recent gathering of Asian leaders at the ASEAN summit was because of “physical” problems. They declined to elaborate.

Coupled with Gang not being seen is the fact that the Minister has failed to issue a single public statement since his last appearance. The ruling CCP has also failed to mention him in any of their official business. The 57-year-old Gang was first appointed to his position in December of 2022.

Assertions that the Foreign Minister is indeed missing have resulted in an abundance of rumors in media outlets. Those rumors have ranged from Gang having a serious viral infection to him having extramarital relations with one of his country’s top reporters.

Though they did not provide verification, Taiwan’s Kyodo News first reported on July 15 that pictures of Gang and a well-known female reporter were circulating on social media.

A reporter with the Times of London identified Gang’s alleged journalist paramour as Fu Xiaotian and asked the Foreign Ministry for confirmation. A Ministry spokeswoman said they had “no information” they could provide. Video of the press briefing reportedly shows the spokeswoman’s response, but the CCP deleted the exchange from the event’s official transcript.

The BBC reports that it is not uncommon for individuals in China’s upper echelons of politics to go missing without explanation for extended periods. They note that those who often suddenly disappear later surface as subjects in criminal investigations.

Chinese President Xi Jinping disappeared from public view for two weeks in 2012 not long before assuming his country’s highest post.

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