Chinese Publication Defends Criticism Of Assassinated Japanese Leader

Chinese Publication Defends Criticism Of Assassinated Japanese Leader

China Cheers At Nation Mourning Loss Of Beloved Leader

( – The shooting assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo set off a firestorm of global debate and, strangely enough, excitement. Chinese social media sites blew up with celebratory posts, stores offered once-in-a-lifetime discounts, and bars even promoted buying one beer and getting another free. The “party” over the murder of a well-known leader rapidly attracted international condemnation, forcing state-run media source The Global Times (GT) to respond.

The GT article labeled citizens’ responses reasonable and said it was “impossible to expect” decency due to Shinzo’s politics. It cited the former PM’s partnership with the US and his willingness to use American strategies to contain the communist country as examples of failures. The CCP-run outlet also wrote that anyone with a critical opinion of the former Japanese PM shouldn’t have to be silent just because of how he died.

China heavily censors its main social media network, called Weibo, deleting anything that goes against the CCP or its beliefs. The fact that it allowed content celebrating Shinzo’s death to stay on the site without deletion suggests the Chinese government aligns with the general public.

Regardless of what anyone has done in the past, they deserve some form of respect when they die — especially when they were a world leader at one point. Apparently, China disagrees. But would it be okay for any other country to celebrate Xi Jinping’s death?

Not likely.

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