Chris Christie Attacks Trump’s Legal Team and Election Approach

Chris Christie Attacks Trump's Legal Team and Election Approach

( – Tensions continue to surround the highly disputed 2020 presidential campaign as the January 20, 2021, inauguration date approaches. Attorneys working on the president’s behalf continue presenting evidence of widespread voter fraud in the courts while pundits and politicos discuss the controversy on news programs.

New Jersey’s former Republican Governor Chris Christie discussed the election during an ABC interview aired on December 13.

Host Martha Raddatz asked Christie what his message would be to Republicans who continued disputing the election results. He responded that the legal theories set forth by the president’s legal team were “an absurdity.” Continuing, he claimed this was why the Supreme Court rejected Texas’ bid to petition the court for a full hearing.

He also attacked the president for his criticism of “hardworking” Republican governors, pointing out he supported them before the election.

Although Christie supported the president’s re-election efforts, his relationship with Trump has reportedly been strained since his ouster as chairman of the president’s transition team days after the 2016 election. He published an autobiography lashing out at several Trump insiders for that decision last year.

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