Chris Cuomo Goes Off the Rails Over Republican Unity

Chris Cuomo Goes Off the Rails Over Republican Unity

( – Tensions continue to mount as America awaits the results of the 2020 presidential election. Making matters worse, CNN hosts repeatedly stir the pot with Jake Tapper lashing out at President Donald Trump’s children earlier this week.

Chris Cuomo joined the fray during a November 11 segment falsely claiming President Trump isn’t saying or doing anything about COVID-19. He followed up by playing a video montage of Republicans criticizing Democrats for not accepting Trump’s election victory in 2016

Then, he started attacking Republicans declaring “Shame on them,” telling viewers to “let them know” they will lose far more than an election if they continue supporting the president.

In his apparently unhinged glory, Cuomo appeared to be blaming Trump for the coronavirus pandemic while trying to make the case that Democratic contender Joe Biden would fix everything if Republicans would hand him the election on a silver platter.

Aside from the fact no one can predict the eventual outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cuomo also managed to toss journalistic standards of fairness and objectivity out the window. There’s little wonder why the president complains about mainstream media.

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