Chris Wallace Is Reportedly Secretly Trying to Stop Tucker Carlson

Chris Wallace Is Reportedly Secretly Trying to Stop Tucker Carlson

( – Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes recently left Fox News after Tucker Carlson’s January 6 special, Patriot Purge. Carlson has ruffled more feathers at the station, including those of veteran news anchors.

NPR reported insiders say Chris Wallace and Bret Baier went to executives with complaints about Carlson’s program prior to its release. They voiced concerns about the conspiracy theories within the piece and how they might reflect poorly on the media company.

In a November 12 exclusive interview with Financial Times, Wallace focused on speaking only about how he broadcasts the truth, which is important to him. He refused to talk down about Carlson despite the interviewer’s attempts to press him on the subject.

Wallace and Carlson are quite different. One reports the news, and the other offers opinions. The two disagree on many points, including the January 6 events and the COVID-19 pandemic, but Wallace made it clear there is room for all types at the station. He acknowledged there is a market for Carlson’s kind of commentary, but the Fox veteran reiterated he only holds responsibility for what he does and says on his show.

While it isn’t clear if Wallace has complained about his colleague, it does seem he at least respects the right each Fox host has to do his or her own thing.

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