Christian Elementary School Faces Backlash Over LGBTQ Assignment

Christian Elementary School Faces Backlash Over LGBTQ Assignment

Christian Elementary School Assigns Controversial Homework

( – Education is essential for children; they are the future of the world. Determining just what schools should teach, how they should address sensitive topics, or even if they should touch on them at all, however, isn’t as simple. One Christian establishment recently tasked students with an assignment on the LGBT community that sparked outrage nationwide.

What’s the Assignment?

The work in question comes from the Christian Academy of Louisville (CAL) in Kentucky. It asked students to write a letter to a fictional homosexual friend. The goal? Convince this imaginary individual to change the way they live through the written word.

The homework has caused quite a stir on social media. Both those who defend it and those who condemn it hotly debate whether the lesson is morally and ethically sound. CAL went viral over the story and has since received a lot of backlash.

The exact criteria for the letter was simple: Let their imaginary friend know that God perfectly designed them, convincing them that homosexuality isn’t the answer. Students were also encouraged to explain to their “friend” that they still loved them despite disapproving of their lifestyle.

God Loves Everyone

The school’s superintendent, Darin Long, spoke with Newsweek, confirming the lesson’s existence. Long said the core point of the homework was to show students how to confront a homosexual friend with love and compassion. The superintendent added the school strongly believes that all individuals are created in the image of God, asserting that means everyone should be treated equally, with dignity, respect, love, and compassion regardless of how they view the world.

Education Industry in Turmoil

Education is about teaching children what’s best for them and helping them understand how the world works. There are right and wrong ways to achieve that goal, but each parent and institution holds their own personal ideals. Some schools teach one topic, while another defines the same curriculum as offensive, and vice versa.

Determining “right” from “wrong” in this context might seem straightforward, at least at first. But the truth is that teachers often make the final decision.

Some parents disagree with teaching religion in schools. Others believe lessons on Christianity should be a core element of every curriculum. Still others take issue with teachings about sexuality and gender identity in schools. And some parents simply feel that the best way to teach children is to do what’s best for them as individuals, rather than trying to mold them into a cookie-cutter curriculum.

Who’s right or wrong here? The serious question of who should decide what kind of information children should have access to during the over six hours they spend in a classroom every day remains. What do you think?

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