CIA & Pompeo Sued for Allegedly Spying on Assange’s Lawyers

CIA & Pompeo Sued for Allegedly Spying on Assange's Lawyers

CIA Lawsuit Update – Sinister Spy Scheme REVEALED

( – In June, the British government signed an extradition order for WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange to return to the States to face criminal charges for alleged espionage. While the whistleblower appeals that decision, his attorneys and a pair of journalists are suing former CIA Director Mike Pompeo, the agency itself, and a cybersecurity company for allegedly spying on them during meetings with Assange.

The suit, filed with the US District Court in the Southern District of New York, says the defendants violated their right to privacy. According to the plaintiffs, the feds confiscated their electronic devices and copied the information they had from the beginning of 2017 through the spring of 2018. Reportedly, Pompeo approved the measure and received the data, which is why he is also listed in the lawsuit.

One of the plaintiffs, Attorney Richard Roth, said the action was not only “inappropriate” for privacy reasons, but the devices also contained privileged conversations officials had no right to access. He called it “US government overreach.” More than 100 Americans have visited Assange in London, and it’s unclear how much data was collected and from whom.

Neither the CIA nor any of the other defendants have commented on the legal filing.

Do you think the plaintiffs have a case, or do you feel the CIA can collect any information it wants during an investigation?

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