Clinton’s Latest Mar-a-Lago Comments Cause Controversy

Clinton's Latest Mar-a-Lago Comments Cause Controversy

Hillary Clinton MAR-A-LAGO Bombshell – Shame On Her

( – On September 7, Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, stopped by “The View” to discuss their new docuseries. The former Secretary of State touched on the subject of the August FBI raid at former President Donald Trump’s property in Palm Beach, Florida. The 74-year-old politician called the revelation that the documents might contain nuclear secrets a terrifying and serious matter that should concern all Americans. Her words sparked harsh backlash from the public.

A long list of people reacted to Hillary Clinton’s words on social media sites such as Twitter. One poster proclaimed that the former first lady should be the “last person” to talk about the classification subject, suggesting that it made her a hypocrite.

Another poster wondered why everyone always seemed to be discussing Trump.

Another Twitter user questioned why the hosts didn’t bother to bring up Hillary Clinton’s own serious email scandal while discussing the Mar-a-Lago documents. That individual also called Alyssa Farah a “so-called Republican” in the same message.

Do you think the former first lady should be making comments about the raid in Palm Beach while on tour for her docuseries? Moreover, do you feel she has room to talk?

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