CNN Host Repeatedly Attacks Trump’s Children (REPORT)

CNN Host Repeatedly Attacks Trump's Children

( – CNN’s Chief Washington Correspondent Jake Tapper threw any semblance of journalistic integrity out the window Friday night when he resorted to attacking President Donald Trump’s family.

Tapper hurled insults at the president’s children on November 6, repeatedly calling them “spawn.” The abuses occurred as Tapper discussed election results with CNN correspondents Dana Bash and Abby Phillip.

Turning to Bash, Tapper complained about “untethered and wild allegations” coming from President Trump and “his spawn.” Continuing, he lashed out at Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), calling him “mealy-mouthed,” for a recent Twitter post he made about alleged voting irregularities.

After some cross-talk, Tapper turned his wrath back on the president’s children. Referring to them as the president’s “spawn” once more, he compared their Twitter posts to “rantings” drawn in “crayon” by someone taking LSD. Tapper concluded the segment by bashing Fox Business, saying it’s the place where facts “go to die.”

As a long-time journalist, Tapper should know better than to resort to name-calling and insults. It might be high time that CNN and other mainstream media companies begin enforcing established ethics and standards practices.

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