CNN Makes Ridiculous Demand to Gun Sellers

CNN Makes Ridiculous Demand to Gun Sellers

( – CNN managed to inject itself into the middle of mounting controversy surrounding gun ownership in the wake of Monday’s mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado. The network bent over backward to report the incident as the seventh mass shooting event in the US in seven days.

CNN host Don Lemon predictably launched an attack on the Second Amendment on Tuesday, March 23, claiming he was a “patriot” for spearheading the network’s charge against gun rights. He even claimed it was his First Amendment duty to question the Second Amendment.

Alisyn Camerota, the host of CNN’s “New Day,” weighed in on the issue during a Wednesday panel discussion about the Boulder incident. She mused out loud with her guest about how Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, the alleged Syrian-born shooter, managed to purchase a gun in the first place.

Continuing, she went on a tirade, essentially calling on gun shop owners to act as informal psychiatrists or psychologists to determine an individual’s eligibility to make a gun purchase.

Gun Rights According to CNN

Camerota began by suggesting they go to gun shop owners and grill them over whether or not they think someone “looks like he’s going hunting” with an AR-15 they’re attempting to purchase. Next, she suggested shop owners could start asking customers if they were “hearing voices.”

“Do you think people are chasing you?” she continued. Do you believe “everybody is watching you?” According to her, this method might have prevented Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa from purchasing the gun he used in Boulder earlier this week.

Yes, Alissa’s family reportedly expressed concern he may have been suffering from delusions and paranoia. Perhaps he would have failed a psychological test had one been administered. But in what world should untrained, unlicensed store owners be empowered to decide who gets to purchase a firearm and who can’t?

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