CNN Sees Massive Shift in Ratings

CNN Sees Massive Shift in Ratings

( – Donald Trump had his ups and downs with members of the mainstream media. However, one thing is undeniable — coverage of his presidency provided a rating boost for networks.

CNN recently experienced a huge drop in viewership of “Cuomo Prime Time,” its most-watched show from 2020. Last year, it enjoyed an average of 1.8 million viewers a night. At its height, the show averaged 2.2 million viewers last year.

His brother and New York’s Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo has found himself surrounded by scandal in 2021. The recent allegations by former and current administration personnel led to an ongoing investigation by officials from the state’s Attorney General’s Office.

CNN banned Chris Cuomo from covering his brother’s scandals, and the ratings for his show have plummeted. Fox News reported on March 20 that Cuomo Prime Time has only averaged about 1.6 million viewers a night since CNN announced the ban. That figure represents a 28% drop from his highest rating period last year and an overall 20% decrease for 2021.

With Trump out of office and an ongoing ban on speaking about his brother’s mounting scandals, Chris Cuomo’s downward spiral could lead to an unhappy ending for CNN’s one-time bright star.

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