CNN’s Chris Cuomo Caught Misrepresenting Facts In Breonna Taylor Case

CNN's Chris Cuomo Caught Misrepresenting Facts In Breonna Taylor Case

( – Chris Cuomo joins the legions of other CNN hosts abandoning any effort to maintain a semblance of adherence to journalistic ethics. It’s particularly troubling in this instance as it only serves to provoke more conflict in a volatile situation already past the breaking point.

So, here’s what happened. Apparently, Cuomo couldn’t resist telling a blatant lie regarding the March shooting death of Breonna Taylor. According to Cuomo, ballistics reports were “unclear” regarding who shot police Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly — whether it was one of the other officers on the scene, or Ms. Taylor’s boyfriend.

Cuomo made that erroneous claim during a Sept. 23 airing of Cuomo Prime Time. There’s a big problem with his allegation: Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron addressed the issue of the source of the bullet that struck Mattingly.

As AG Cameron explained, there wasn’t any evidence supporting allegations that Mattingly’s injury was the result of “friendly fire.”

Not only is the allegation unfounded by eyewitness testimony, but ballistics also confirmed the bullet that struck Mattingly came from a 9mm handgun. However, as Cameron explained, the police officers on the scene “fired 40-caliber” weapons.

Once again, a CNN host gets caught telling lies. Sadly, two Louisville police officers were shot by violent protesters later that night.

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