Coast Guard Recovers Additional Titan Remains

( – The U.S. Coast Guard’s underwater equivalent of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers spent the first week of October plucking the final remaining pieces of the imploded Titan submersible from the bottom of the Atlantic, authorities told reporters on October 10th.

In addition to recovering the last pieces of the actual submarine, the Coast Guard’s marine experts said they were able to retrieve what they presumed were human remains. The vessel’s titanium-constructed endcap was among several of the pieces that were recovered, and this vital component was said to have been found in an intact state.

According to officials with the naval service, the latest artifacts were pulled from the depths only about 1,600 feet away from where the Titanic wreckage is located. For those who may have inadvertently overlooked the original June story, the Titan mini-sub imploded as it was taking a handful of underwater explorers to tour the final resting spot of the famous but doomed ocean liner.

In a statement, the Coast Guard indicated that the “presumed organic remains” had been respectfully recovered and would be “transported for analysis” by medical professionals in the United States. The salvage operation was the second of only two that have taken place, and most reports suggest that there will not be a third to follow.

The initial late June search yielded both human remains and pieces of the sub, but the findings were not complete. Titan’s implosion claimed five lives at the time, and the public was not privy to whose remains had been successfully brought back to the surface and whose had not. The final unclaimed remains sat on the ocean floor for about four months.

Officials said the debris will be analyzed and compared to that of the first salvage attempt. Once the investigation is complete, a public hearing on the tragedy will be held. The date of that future inquiry has not yet been set.

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