College Professor Fired For Teaching Basic Biology

( – A Texas community college has allegedly fired one of its biology professors for teaching established science. San Antonio’s St. Philip’s College reportedly gave Dr. Johnson Varkey a pink slip after he was outed for instructing his students that X and Y chromosomes determine one’s gender.

The law firm representing Varkey, First Liberty Institute, sent a letter to his previous employer demanding his reinstatement following his January 2023 firing. The Plano-based firm specializes in defending clients’ religious liberty and has a large number of open faith-based cases.

The firm’s letter acknowledged Dr. Varkey taught that gender was based on chromosome distribution and that a male and female are required to reproduce. It went on to say that in his two decades teaching Physiology and Human Anatomy, no one complained.

“He made these statements in every class for 20 years, without any incident or complaint,” the letter read.

During a November 28 2022 lecture in which Varkey stated that X and Y chromosomes determine gender, four students walked out in protest. Varkey’s lecture that day was the same lecture he had given countless times before and was based on a curriculum that had been approved by St. Philip’s College.

The walkout led to a complaint being lodged against the professor. The letter documenting this said that Varkey had pushed his personal beliefs on students and had engaged in proselytizing and discriminatory statements. According to the complaint, his words targeted LGBTQ+ individuals and proponents of abortion. He was also guilty of misogyny, they claimed.

“Many individuals” found his lecture “offensive,” the statement said.

St. Philip’s administration has not responded publicly to First Liberty’s letter. According to the firm, Varkey’s performance records at the college were exemplary throughout his 22-year career.

Another professor at the school has alleged that St. Philip’s terminated his contract in June after they received similar belief-based complaints about him. Political science professor Will Moravits has since retained counsel.

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