Colorado Collects Record-Breaking Amounts of Fentanyl

Colorado Collects Record-Breaking Amounts of Fentanyl

Drug Seizures — CO Collects Record-Breaking Amounts Of Deadly Drug

( – According to reports, Colorado is a hotbed for fentanyl overdoses and drug seizures each year. Statistics from 2022’s first quarter show authorities from the state patrol had already confiscated about 412 pounds of the narcotic. The most shocking aspect of the fentanyl recovery was that it equaled four times the amount seized in “all previous years combined.”

The fentanyl overdoses in The Centennial State seem to match the epidemic sweeping the country. The CDC reported a 15% increase in these types of deaths across the nation between 2020 and 2021.

The organization also found 206 pounds of cocaine and almost 3,000 pounds of marijuana. Although pot seems to be the big winner so far in 2022 for Colorado State Patrol (CSP) busts, the second runner-up was methamphetamine. Heroin also made the list of illicit drugs recovered by police. Experts warn that any of these substances, when sold on the black market, can potentially be laced with deadly fentanyl.

Overdose numbers attributed to opioid misuse in Colorado have steadily increased over the past several years, but the problem really started to balloon in 2015. The state is looking into prevention and reduction measures to address the growing problem.

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