Colorado Mass Shooter’s Past Revealed By FBI

Colorado Mass Shooter's Past Revealed By FBI

( – Monday’s attack in Boulder, Colorado, was the nation’s seventh mass shooting in as many days. In Atlanta, 8 people died on March 16, 1 in Philadelphia on March 20, and 10 in Boulder on March 22. Tragically, news reports indicate the Boulder shooter was previously known to the FBI.

On March 23, the New York Times reported that the suspect, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, was previously on the FBI’s radar due to his connection to another unidentified individual under investigation by the bureau.

He also had a history of violence, including a misdemeanor conviction for assault in 2018 while attending Arvada West High School. Fellow students described him as having a ferocious temper that flared up in response to any perceived slights or setbacks.

Alissa was charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder on Tuesday, March 23, and faces life imprisonment without the possibility of parole if convicted under Colorado’s penal statutes.

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