Colorado Protestors Seek to Overwrite the 2nd Amendment

( – White women massed in the hundreds before the state Capitol building in Colorado on June 5th after a gun-control campaigning group urged white women to put their “privilege” to use by sitting down at the Capitol.

The group, called “Here4TheKids” is headed by Saira Rao and Tina Strawn. Rao is American and ethnically South Asian. She is also the author of a book that rivals Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility” in its direct placement of responsibility for societal ills on the shoulders of white women. Rao wrote “White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How to Do Better,” in 2022. It is currently free on Amazon.

The protesting women posed for photographs on the steps of the Capitol holding signs that said, “Ban guns and buy them back,” “We can, we will,” and “Denver moms for social justice.” The majority of the signs claimed that the protestors were motivated solely by the safety of children.

Here4TheKids co-founder Tina Strawn, who is black, told CNN that her organization wants white women specifically to push to the front of the debate because “we know what happens when we show up with demands.”

The “we” Strawn referred to was black women, and she implied that black women who make demands often face violence. She said black women have fought for rights for generations, and that it is always black women “whose bodies are in the most danger.”

Strawn also hosts a podcast called “Speaking of Racism.” She said it was time for white women “and their privileged bodies” to “show up.”

Actress Michaela Watkins joined the demonstrators at the Capitol. In what may have been an unintended moment of candor, Watkins told CNN her first response to the protest was to question why it was aimed at white women. She said “That sounds just exclusive,” before saying she understood the aim of the organizers.

Here4TheKids wants the Colorado governor to sign a resolution banning gun ownership completely in the state.

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