Comer Accused Raskin of Pushing Disinformation

( – Rep. James Comer took Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin to task in an October 26th letter for what he said was Raskin’s propagation of “false and deceptive information” in regard to the Oversight Committee’s investigation of President Joe Biden and his family. Comer, the Oversight chair, said that Raskin, a ranking committee member, had made public statements about their findings that contradict the truth and are the equivalent of lies.

The Kentucky Republican went on to demand a formal correction of “the record” from Raskin along with an apology to voters nationwide. According to Comer’s note, the Democrat from Maryland had knowingly spread “disinformation” about the Committee’s findings.

Raskin’s apparent criticism of the Comer-led investigation once involved the legislator’s use of a “smoking gun” analogy in which he said Republicans lacked “even a leaking water pistol.” In September, the lawmaker said members of the GOP “had nothing on the President.”

Raskin suggested that Republicans are peddling conspiracy theories and fairytales, and their lack of evidence has forced them to return to the already discredited lies about the Biden family pushed by former President Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Raskin recently contradicted the House testimony of a former U.S. Attorney who had once pushed for an investigation into the Bidens in 2020.

Scott Brady, the lawyer in question, told the Judiciary Committee that his team was pursuing evidence that both then-Vice President Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, had each allegedly received $5 million payoffs for their roles in a Ukrainian energy deal. Brady told legislators he filled out the necessary FD-1023 form to initiate the inquiry, but that bureaucrats in the Justice Department stifled his investigation.

Raskin suggested that the investigation went nowhere because the information contained in the FD-1023 was “not credible.” Brady begged to differ with Raskin’s assessment and said matter-of-factly, “That’s not true.” On October 26th, Comer took to Twitter and said Brady’s testimony had “debunked” Raskin’s lies.

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