Comer To Bring In More Witnesses To Biden Corruption

( – After being issued a subpoena by Republican James Comer, Hunter Biden’s former business partner will be forced to testify before the House Oversight Committee. Ex-Biden associate Devon Archer is said to be cooperating with Chairman Comer and is planning to sit down with the committee for a transcribed interview.

Archer spent more than a year in prison after being convicted in a bond scheme that targeted a Native American tribe. Four years before his sentence, Archer sat with Hunter Biden on the board of Ukrainian oil company Burisma. Prior to joining the board, Archer also worked with Biden at a stateside investment firm.

Comer said that despite a lack of cooperation from the DOJ and FBI, the committee plans to bring in and depose key players in what he calls “Biden family influence-peddling schemes.” Archer is currently negotiating the date of his deposition appearance. Comer has not yet indicated who else he intends to call before the committee.

His statements come at the same time as a mid-week plea deal announced by Delaware prosecutors who had been investigating Hunter Biden for firearm and tax crimes in the state. As part of his plea, Biden will be spared any jail time and will receive probation. Comer addressed the development, referring to it as “a sweetheart plea deal.” It will have “no impact” on the investigation being conducted by the Oversight Committee, he said.

Comer has alleged that the FBI failed to investigate claims from a Ukrainian national that Vice President Biden exchanged foreign policy aid directly for money. The FBI is in possession of a document detailing these allegations but Comer has voiced frustration that the agency has declined to answer questions about or release the document, choosing instead to show it to a handful of legislators behind closed doors.

Comer has also alleged the FBI further failed to investigate payments to nine Biden family members, payments to shell companies, and charges of cross-border money laundering.

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