Concealed Carrier Saves the Day During Conflict

Concealed Carrier Saves the Day During Conflict

Gun-Wielding Good Guy Prevents Another Major Tragedy

( – When the US Supreme Court struck down a concealed carry law in New York in June, it sparked a conversation among Americans about the merits of carrying a weapon undetected. On August 7, a group in Florida saw the benefits of retaining the right to bear arms. A man in West Palm Beach reached into his vehicle that evening during a fight, pulled out a “short-barreled shotgun,” and threatened to shoot people in the area. In response, a hero packing heat drew his own weapon and killed the suspect.

After the shooting, the 32-year-old stayed to talk to the police about the incident. He not only fully cooperated with the investigation, but further examination revealed the man had a concealed weapon license. If it weren’t for his quick action, there’s no telling how much damage the 22-year-old perpetrator would have unleashed upon the crowd.

Palm Beach County detectives have not announced any charges against the man who likely saved countless lives that evening. Authorities have yet to release the suspect’s name or the identity of the fast-thinking citizen. There were no other reported injuries.

What do you think about concealed carry and the idea of a good guy with a gun saving the day?

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