Congressman’s ASSAULTER Learns His Fate

Lee Zeldin's Attacker Charged

Lee Zeldin’s Attacker Charged

( – Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY), the GOP nominee for the New York gubernatorial race, was speaking at a Veterans of Foreign Wars lodge in Fairport, New York when suddenly a man attempted to attack him. The Republican politician was on stage when 43-year-old David Jakubonis approached him with a pointed object in his hand. Zeldin managed to walk away without any injuries, and authorities arrested the suspect, a veteran.

The Attack

Federal prosecutors claimed the assailant attempted to use a sharp-pointed keychain as a weapon. The prosecutors noted Zeldin grabbed Jakubonis’ arm, holding back the threatening item, and the two proceeded to struggle on stage while the veteran repeatedly told the Republican he was “done.” Members of the audience stepped in to put an end to the altercation, and authorities took Jakubonis into custody. The 43-year-old is facing federal assault charges for attempting to attack an incumbent member of Congress.

New York Policy

After authorities charged him with second-degree attempted assault, a local court arraigned Jakubonis and released him on his own recognizance. Republicans quickly criticized the move and declared Democratic policies surrounding bail reform has become too much. The suspect was court-ordered to attend an inpatient alcohol treatment program.

Upon his release from the program, Jakubonis may only remain out of jail if he abides by the restrictions US Magistrate Judge Marian Payson has set, which include home detention and random alcohol screenings to ensure he stays sober. Additionally, the veteran will wear a GPS monitoring device. The accused was supposed to remain in jail until after his trial, but Payson decided to release him under strict supervision. Zeldin has supported the judge’s decision.

Zeldin’s Take

In a statement Zeldin noted that when veterans seek treatment, doctors can easily locate physical ailments — but it’s more difficult for them to pinpoint mental issues, which he described as “invisible wounds.” The conservative politician said Jakubonis was one of the many veterans struggling with their own demons, adding he was grateful the suspect would be getting the treatment he needed. The Republican asserted he was thankful that Judge Payson was able to recognize this, also expressing gratitude for the other people involved in getting his assailant much needed assistance rather than throwing him in jail.

Veterans, especially those who served in combat overseas, often leave their services of choice with mental health issues such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Many of these individuals don’t seek treatment for their conditions, which sometimes leads to serious problems. Hopefully, Jakubonis takes advantage of this chance to better himself.

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