Conservative Voters Show Strong Appetite For Change At The RNC

( – Polling conducted late December by the Trafalgar Group on behalf of the Convention of States Action has found that a majority of Republican voters believe it is time for new leadership at the top of the Republican National Committee. 

Mark Meckler, president of the Convention of States, commented that grassroots activists do not feel that GOP leadership in Congress and the RNC are focused on fighting for conservative principles. He says the perception is that they care more about “keeping themselves in power and funding the permanent political consultant class.”

The poll indicates that 68% of voters think the current RNC was either somewhat or very ineffective at securing the election of Republican candidates in 2022. Ms. McDaniel and her supporters argue that candidate quality was the main reason for the poor showing in the mid-terms, pointing out that candidate selection is not down to the RNC.

The findings indicate tension between voters and the RNC, with 73.5% of Republican voters polled indicating it is time to replace the current Chair, Ronna McDaniel. 

McDaniel is being challenged by Harmeet Dhillon, an RNC member from California who previously represented President Trump in lawsuits related to the 2020 election. To mount a challenge, Dhillon will need the support of at least two RNC members from two states to get on the ballot.

To retain her position, McDaniel needs the support of 84 RNC members. An endorsement letter circulated in December bore the signatures of 107 members, indicating that she can easily tally enough votes to remain Chair.

A significant headache in the poll results is 44% of respondents stating they are less willing to donate money to the GOP and RNC following disappointment after the mid-terms when a much-anticipated “red wave” ended up being more of a ripple.

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