Conservative Wave Sweeps Idaho with Influx of Blue State Migrants

( – Gem State voter data has revealed that thousands of Washington residents with conservative views have left the Democratic stronghold to neighboring Idaho.

According to information published by the Idaho Secretary of State’s office, out of the nearly 119,000 individuals who recently migrated to Idaho, 65% identified as Republicans, while only 12% registered as Democrats.

Examination of the data found that approximately 20,000 Americans moving from Washington to Idaho demonstrated a similar trend. In this subgroup, 62% were affiliated with the Republican Party, 12% with the Democratic Party, 24% identified as unaffiliated, and 2% fell under the category of “other.” Notably, the percentage of registered Republicans among those originating from Washington and relocating to Idaho surpassed the state’s overall percentage of registered Republicans, which stands at around 58%.

Secretary of State for Idaho Phil McGrane, a Republican, told Fox News Digital that fellow party members “weren’t surprised” by the data, but he was intrigued by “just how overwhelming it was”. He added that the “business-friendly environment, and strong conservative values” attracted many newcomers to the state.

Amid the pandemic, several costly and liberal states, including California and New York, have witnessed a significant outflow of residents relocating to states like Florida and Texas. There has been growing speculation and concern that this migration shift may result in blue-state voters importing their political preferences to red states.

Contrary to this trend, data from Idaho indicates that right-leaning voters from blue states are opting for a destination with comparable political leanings. In Idaho, Republicans hold sway over key state offices, including the Governor, Secretary of State, and both chambers of the state legislature.

Between 2021 and 2022 alone, more than 340,000 individuals fled California, making it the flagship example of resident migration. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that, before the pandemic, California experienced an average annual outflow of less than 200,000 residents moving to other states. Leavers cite high crime, taxes, and drug problems among their reasons for the move.

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