Controversial Bishop Re-enacts Robbery That Made Headlines

Controversial Bishop Re-enacts Robbery That Made Headlines

There Might Be More To The Story Of The Flashy Bishop Robbery

( – A flashy clergyman was recently the victim of a robbery. Three armed men stormed into Leaders of Tomorrow International Church in New York while Bishop Lamar Whitehead was actively live-streaming his sermon. The violent criminals stole over $1 million worth of jewelry and then dashed out the door. The man of faith has sparked controversy after deciding to fully re-live that fateful day.

Whitehead made headlines when he broadcasted a live reenactment of the robbery, urging his congregation to get into position before returning to the podium. The 44-year-old man of faith even got down on the floor shortly after recalling that he saw the door open as he began his service. The bishop, still playacting, added that he then told his parishioners to leave.

Bishop Whitehead estimates the total losses to be at over $1 million. Whitehead mentioned that God would return double what he lost, citing scripture as proof.

Many people blame the preacher’s lifestyle full of luxury cars, Gucci suits, and other luxurious items to attract the robbers. They feel the way he lives makes him a prime target for theft.

A recent lawsuit accuses Whitehead of stealing 56-year-old Pauline Anderson’s $90K in life savings after he promised to use the money to help her buy a home, once again propelling his name into the headlines. However, the pastor has a very long and well-documented history of attracting public attention. He once attempted to negotiate the surrender of Andrew Abdullah, who gunned down a man on the subway.

Whitehead also allegedly has a history of grifting and even served time for grand larceny and identity theft. Now, some people believe the live streamed robbery may be an insurance scheme. What do you think?

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