COVID-19 and Mosquitoes: The Fight Is On

COVID-19 and Mosquitoes: The Fight Is On

( – COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, infecting and killing millions globally. The virus and its many mutations is an enemy that’s often invisible to the naked eye, which is one reason why researchers and scientists have been so focused on finding solutions to the disease for the past two years. That effort seems to be stalling measures to stem the spread of other diseases, such as malaria.

People live in fear of mosquito-borne diseases every day. The pests are remarkably effective at transmitting many germs, prompting citizens in tropical regions to sleep with netted tents over their beds.

Statistics show malaria kills most in high-poverty regions, where access to healthcare may be limited or even non-existent. A 2020 report states that cases began skyrocketing as already-stressed healthcare providers and researchers began focusing more closely on the fight against COVID-19.

The shift in attention has all but derailed global efforts to immunize and eliminate other insect-borne diseases. While malaria is at the forefront, the list also includes the Zika, West Nile and Yellow Fever viruses.

Some scientists also worry about the potential for mosquitos to begin transmitting COVID-19 to humans. However, that theory remains unproven, at least for now. The World Health Organization has no evidence of direct transmission through their annoying bite.

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