COVID-19 Outbreaks Leave Students Without Teachers (Report)

COVID-19 Outbreaks Leave Students Without Teachers (Report)

( – The toll of the coronavirus pandemic reached mind-numbing levels as the nation entered the flu and cold season. With more than 250,000 reported deaths so far and quarantines and curfews scattered across the country, most Americans have experienced the effects of the outbreak. Sadly, many children have had to learn about death and dying at an early age due to this global tragedy.

The Associated Press reported on November 18 that hundreds of school employees had been killed by COVID-19, disrupting the educational experience for thousands. Sadly, their deaths leave a trail of frightened and grief-stricken students and fellow staff members behind.

Children typically don’t experience serious symptoms when infected with the COVID-19 virus. Many don’t show any signs of infection at all. However, nearly one-fourth of school teachers, or about 1.5 million, have pre-existing conditions, making them particularly vulnerable to the virus.

Additionally, classrooms pose a particularly challenging environment when it comes to maintaining proper social-distancing practices. Health experts say a minimum distance of six feet is required to prevent the spread of COVID-19. That isn’t easy to maintain in crowded school environments.

Tragedy Hits a Small Kansas School District

The tragic loss of life places an undue burden on many school districts. For instance, school officials in Mission, Kansas, sent in a team of 14 counselors to work with children after the sudden death of Susanne Michael, a fourth-grade teacher who was only 47 years old when she fell victim to the coronavirus.

Superintendent Chris Ferrell choked up, recalling the situation, telling reporters many of the staff and students wouldn’t have made it to school were it not for their guidance and support.

Susanne Michael and many others will live on in memory and history books for their sacrifices on behalf of the nation’s children. Tragically, all too many teachers and other dedicated public servants won’t live on to continue impacting lives.

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